Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks


By: Bill Gove

The period 1890-1950 marked the romantic era of steam power and brought with it a remarkable period of timber harvest. As the rails reached deep into the old growth of the Adirondack woods, the region experienced the most intense logging in its history. In this highly readable volume, Bill Gove offers an in-depth history of railroad activity in the Adirondacks. Extensively researched and lavishly illustrated, Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks details logging methods, the role of railroads in the logging industry, and the influence of the railroads on the condition of the Adirondack forest today. The book also addresses the political and economic forces determining the location and viability of logging railroads, villages, and the forest industry. A welcome contribution to the array of Adirondack literature, it is essential reading for rail fans, foresters, and history buffs.


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