Valspar Medallion Interior Paint

Valspar® Medallion Interior Paint protects with a 100% acrylic coating for a lifetime of interior beauty.

  • Paint + Primer in one
  • Washable, stain resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Low odor, low VOC
  • Comes with our Love Your Color Guarantee™
This durable wall paint protects with a 100% acrylic coating for a lifetime of interior beauty. Paint dries quickly and cleans up easily with soap and water.
Where To Use
Use paint on properly prepared interior wall and ceiling surfaces including previously painted and primed plaster, brick, drywall, cement, wood, metal and wallpaper.
400 sq. ft. per gallon of paint depending on porosity. With some colors or drastic color changes, more than one coat may be necessary to achieve a uniform finish.
Preparing Your Surfaces
Clean and dry the surface thoroughly, removing all dirt, dust, rust, grease and wax. Scrape off loose paint and wallpaper. Remove glue, shellac and sizing. Patch cracks and prime. Dull glossy surfaces with gloss remover or sandpaper. Remove chalky residue and prime unpainted plaster and wallboard with latex wall primer. New wood surfaces should be sanded smooth and primed with latex wood trim primer or latex wall primer. If painting over wallpaper, test pattern for bleeding. If bleeding occurs, remove the paper or prime with oil-based stain block or latex stain killer primers.

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