Peanut- Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Bone (#7404)


You probably noticed it when you held your grandfather’s Case. A slight smoother feel. Ever so rounded corners. Rivets worn just a tad flatter. They’re all the result of being carried for years in a pant pocket. It’s a good feel, one which Case matched with the advent of the Pocket Worn® hand finishing process. By spending a little extra time hand-crafting, they make them feel like they’ve been in your pocket forever. That’s a Case Pocket Worn® knife.

Case knives have always been prized for their hand-crafted quality and details but the Pocket Worn concept raised the hand-finishing process to a new level. To give the new knife a smooth, worn look and feel like that of a trusted old Case, Case hafters must carefully round the bolsters a little further, turn the edges just a little more, and give the knife a little extra buffing.

If you’ve ever had to spend an autumn away from the vibrant foliage and your favorite woods, then you’ll appreciate the knife that lets you carry it with you all year long. With this Pocket Worn® collection, you’ve got the beauty of the fall season close at hand.

Pattern Number: 6318 SS

Blade Material/Shape: Stainless Steel/ Clip, Sheepfoot, and Spey Blades

Handle Jigging/Material: Pocket Worn Corn Cob/ Harvest Orange Bone

Length Closed: 3-5/8″ closed

Weight: 2.5 oz.

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