Tiny Muskrat- Pocket Worn Bermuda Green (#9727)


You probably noticed it when you held your grandfather’s Case. A slight smoother feel. Ever so rounded corners. Rivets worn just a tad flatter. They’re all the result of being carried for years in a pant pocket. It’s a good feel, one which Case matched with the advent of the Pocket Worn® hand finishing process. By spending a little extra time hand-crafting, they make them feel like they’ve been in your pocket forever. That’s a Case Pocket Worn® knife.

Case knives have always been prized for their hand-crafted quality and details but the Pocket Worn concept raised the hand-finishing process to a new level. To give the new knife a smooth, worn look and feel like that of a trusted old Case, Case hafters must carefully round the bolsters a little further, turn the edges just a little more, and give the knife a little extra buffing.

Pattern Number: Tiny Muskrat SS

Blade Material/Shape: Stainless Steel/Two Clip Blades

Handle Jigging/Material: Pocket Worn Peach Seed/Bermuda Green Bone

Length Closed: 2-3/4″ closed

Weight: 1.0 oz.

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