The Adirondack Atlas


By: Jerry Jenkins with Andy Keal

The Adirondack Atlas offers a detailed geographic portrait of the largest protected area in the contiguous United States and the largest region of protected temperate forests in the world. Generously illustrated- complete with 250 figures, graphs, tables, charts, and scientific drawings- this volume covers 130 topics on the six-million-acre Adirondack Park. As the first book of its kind, it is both a work of art and an authoritative reference.

The Park has a complex history. It is one of the only parks in the world to combine large wilderness areas with extensive private lands and a substantial residential population. Jerry Jenkins explores this connection between the wild and human communities within a protected landscape. As he maps out the diverse and ever-changing environment-  the recreational growth, conflicts between users, development, pollution, and climate change- he highlights elements that threaten to alter the Park and undo the protection it now enjoys.

Jenkins includes old stories of fur routes and battles, log drives and Shea engines; new stories about school taxes and education, conservation easements and local economies, artistic ferment and social ills, about healthy towns, dying trees, and deer harvests. As a comprehensive and standard resource, the Atlas captures the full scope of the park’s topographic, hydrographic and ecological history for a wide audience of geographers, historians, and Adirondack enthusiasts.

The Adirondack Atlas is a project of the Wildlife Conservation Society


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