Moose River Diary: In Search of the Settlement


By: Judy Jones

It was relatively easy to track down the story of the road, and now we knew the origin of Moose River Settlement, but that was all. Then, in a series of the tiniest snippets, we learned a little more. We learned that a village of three hundred citizens once bustled in this place called Moose River. There had been a sawmill and tanneries and a boarding house and private homes. There had been a general store and a schoolhouse and a post office and a fine hotel. But when was that? And what became of the place? Where had all of those people come from? Where had they been going? Why weren’t they coming and going any longer? We knew that generations of people had passed by our doorstep, and as time went by we began to wonder when our doorstep had come to be. But it was all so nebulous. Where were the details? Unlike Brigadoon, which reappears once every century, Moose River had vanished with nary a trace. Or had it…

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