Indian Givers: True Story of Moss Lake


By: Romey Gallo and Wayne Martin

Gallo and Martin recount the events that occurred on the road to Big Moose Lake from 1974 to 1977 during the occupation of the Moss Lake Girls Camp by a group of Mohawk Indians from Canada.

Book Review: A disturbing cronology by two New York State Police Sergeants who were the principals in averting another ‘Wounded Knee’ or Waco Disaster. The events are meticulously related as they allow the reader to draw conclusions, without bias and with objectivity. Educators will find it worthy of assigned reading for history classes and a primer for criminal justice students and police academies. It echoes the viability of conciliation in police work as an alternative to prosecution and escalation. -Thomas a. Blanchfield, Professor Emeritus, Criminal Justice

Staff Book Pick: March 2012

Chosen by Lisa Bolton, Bookstore Manager, Old Forge Hardware

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