Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains


By: Mark Bowie, Foreword By: Governor George Pataki

In New York State’s Adirondack Park, an infinite variety of water laps against the mountains and courses through boreal forests, endowing the region with unrivaled natural beauty. Over 2,800 lakes and ponds reflect the play of light from the weather and passing seasons. More than 30,000 miles of rivers, streams, brooks, and creeks meander across the landscape. These wonders have coalesced here as nowhere else in our nation and have given the region its unique sense of place- distinctly Adirondack. Renowned Adirondack photographer Mark Bowie immerses our senses in the waters; from the air, atop the mountains, along remote shores, and gliding across their ever-changing surfaces. Ride the rapids of raging rivers, feel the spirit of a wilderness lake, and experience the unabashed joy, wonder, and mystique of being “on Adirondack water.” Subtle and spectacular, tranquil and exhilarating, this is an awe-inspiring portfolio of the region’s magnificent waterways.

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