Dear Valued Customers,

I want to apologize for my recent absence. I took some time to travel within the blue line and the trip was so exhausting that I slept through my alarm. My hibernation was extended by about a year and I can only imagine how many times I hit that snooze button! The good news is… I’m back! I have missed checking in with our wonderful Hardware customers so I’ll do my best to fill you in on my trip.

My vacation began with a hike up Mount Marcy which is the highest elevation in New York. The day of my hike the wind was whipping and I nearly froze my tail off. It was worth the trek to see the amazing views and to get one hike closer to becoming a 46er. I burned some energy on my hike so I felt the need to nibble a few berries that were along the trail. Just like all the other hikers I do my best to leave nature the way I found it but I am a bear. As a card carrying member of nature those berries were fair game.

The day after my hike I headed to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. The outdoor exhibits included trails and an Osprey Tower. When I ventured inside to the Living River Trail I enjoyed the live exhibit of otters. Somehow I managed to restrain myself when I got to the river filled with trout. I had not eaten my snack yet and I love fresh trout! According to The Wild Center website, “You can explore the 31-acre campus on marked trails. There are theaters with high definition films, plenty of hands-on activities and hundreds of live animals from rare native trout, to porcupines, hawks, and many other often hard-to-see residents of the woods and waters.” Starting this past Monday, Memorial Day, The Wild Center opened for a full 7-day-a-week schedule from 10am-6pm.

I continued my Adirondack vacation by heading to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain. I got a few looks when I walked in and I imagine it is not every day that a bear walks into a museum. Hmm- that sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s not. Just another day in the life of Henry the Hardware Store Bear. Some of my favorite exhibits included the one on Adirondack boats and the Log Hotel. Although I didn’t visit on a Friday I found out that they have something called Furry Fridays. Despite the name this event does not apply to bears (I already asked). The first Friday of every month you can bring your dog to the museum. According to their website, “Bring your furry friend and explore museum grounds, take a ride in our vintage rowboat, complete a scavenger hunt and win a prize for your pooch, and let your dog try out our rustic agility course.” The museum is open May 24th to October 14th, 7 days a week from 10am- 5pm.

We encourage you to expand your Adirondack experiences by including trips to these wonderful establishments. If your travel to these destinations takes you through our village we hope a stop in to Old Forge Hardware is a part of your trip.

For more information about the Wild Center or Adirondack Museum visit their websites:

Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms. As the summer quickly approaches remember to “paws” and enjoy the view!


Henry the Hardware Store Bear