Happy Baskets Are Here!

Posted on: April 22nd, 2020 No Comments

Happy spring, friends! We hope that the season finds you safe, healthy, and happy.

We know that times have been exceptionally strange lately. With the shuttering of all nonessential businesses statewide, we have had to close our front doors and no longer allow foot traffic in our store. But we are still open! Not only is our hardware section still operating, but we have been fulfilling orders over the phone and internet, shipping nationwide, delivering locally, and providing items for pickup.

It’s a strange adjustment to make, but we, like the rest of the country, are finding ways to cope.

The hardest thing has been to have to turn away folks who come up to Old Forge to browse the shops. At the Old Forge Hardware, we always like to have new and different items in stock, and showing them off to make people smile is what we do best!

That’s why we have recently started a new initiative! Say hello to Happy Baskets!



Want to make someone smile? Call us up at 315-369-6100 and give us a theme or a few suggestions! In the last two days, we have put together and sold twenty Happy Baskets. They start at just $20, and we can ship or deliver locally! We can make baskets for Mother’s Day, for your favorite fisherman, for someone who needs something to do during the next few weeks…the possibilities are endless! Brighten someone’s day!


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