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Adirondack Reflections

Editors: Paula Alida Roy & Peter Obourn

Every summer, for more than 30 years, a group of local and summer residents meets once a week for six weeks. They write poems, memoir, and short stories under the guidance of a mentor, an experienced writing teacher.

Each year the Friends of the Old Forge Library has assembled a collection of the writing for the year and called it "Adirondack Reflections". In this anthology we have selected more than 80 of our favorite stories, memoirs and poems from the first 30 volumes of "Adirondack Reflections".

"Here you will find nature writing at its best, tales of adventure, humor and love, and much, much more. Here you will find the story of a funeral difector who talks to the deceased "client," the adventures of the inimitable Dweena Beanna, a history of the names of baby blankets, a policewoman's disastrous first day on the job, some science fiction and more. Every piece, every poem, comes from the heart." -Peter Obourn, Editor

"Where can we go to share our dreams...

Here in the Old Forge Library

They've brought to life a thousand tales."

-Joseph Bruhac, poet and teacher